Chatham Ballroom


  • 100 A/208 V receptacles (4 locations – one at each corner of the room).
  • 400 A/208 V disconnect (3 locations adjacent to possible stage areas on north, east and west walls).
  • 200 A/208 V disconnect (1 location – at main stage location on north wall).
  • 30 A floor outlets (8 locations – at head table locations).
  • 100 A/208 V disconnects (4 locations above ceiling – across from main stage locations).


  • A dimmable incandescent system is provided for general illumination during meeting, dining, and reception type events.
  • A metal halide system is provided for use during exhibit events and for housekeeping.
  • Adjustable angle accent lighting is provided for the three main head table locations.
  • Decorative accent lighting is provided around the room to highlight special materials and elements.
  • Each room division will have 8 preset options that will allow a user, with the aid of the Convention Center staff to program unique combinations at various levels of each type of lighting found in the room. Divisions can be joined into 2/3 or full room combinations and then the lighting can be controlled from one set of presets. Jacks are located throughout the room that allows for alternate controls points for the preset panels. A master controller that allows for the individual dimming of each type of lighting fixtures located in the A/V mezzanine. A second master controller can be plugged into one of the lighting jacks to allow for greater control from the event floor.


  • Eleven telephone outlets (various locations) with category 3 cable.
  • Eleven data outlets with category 5 cable.
  • Eight 2-strand fiber optic connections in various locations


  • Distributed television with closed circuit or cable (8 locations).
  • Microphone jacks (8 locations).
  • Line level in/line level out (8 locations).
  • Intercom connections (12 locations).
  • In-room control panel (1 location for each division. Remote control location for audio or protection).
  • Sound system – designed for voice reinforcement and music.
  • Recording capability at central recording.
  • Paging – same as Exhibit Hall.
  • Snake connector (4 locations) – audio/visual cable connection from control locations to stage locations.
  • Floor pocket (1 location) – box with conduit home run to loading dock for hook-up to TV trucks.
  • An audio/visual mezzanine is provided for use for either the center division or when the entire room is in use.

Special Features

  • Rigging capabilities – 500 lb. Capacity on a 15×15 grid (45 locations).
  • Empty conduit – Two 4” empty conduits connecting the Ballroom to the electrical substation room below for future power
  • Oversized elevator – One 10’ wide by 21’ deep elevator connects the Loading Dock to the Ballroom back of house corridor. An oversized door (10’wide) allows access to the Ballroom from the corridor area adjacent to the elevator. 12,000 lb. Capacity.

Second Floor