Exhibit Halls


  • Utility floor boxes (on a 30 by 30 grid – 126 total). Each box has:
    One 100A/208 V 3-phase receptacle (each on a single circuit)
    At the operable wall, boxes are located on both sides of the wall, fully powered boxes are on one side of the wall and unpowered boxes are located on the other side (the boxes are interconnected with empty conduit).
  • Interior columns (2 locations):
    One 100 A/480 V disconnect (one each column).
    One 200 A/208 V disconnect in each Exhibit Hall.
    One 100 A/208 V outlet (on truss directly above the column).
  • Heavy wall power:
    Four (4) 400 A/208 V disconnect located on each wall, one in Exhibit Hall A and three in Exhibit Hall B.


  • 1,000 watt metal halide down lights controllable by computer or manually. Lights can be controlled in groups of three to allow specific booths to use their own lighting rather than the room’s ambient light.
  • 500 watt dimmable quartz down lights that are controlled at a central panel.


  • Utility floor boxes
    Drain line at each location (128 locations)
  • Column (8 locations)
    1” cold water line
    1” compressed air pipe


  • Utility floor boxes – on a 30’ x 30’ grid – 126 total. Each has 2 category 3 voice connections and 3 category 5 data connections.
  • Utility floor boxes – various locations – 13 total.
    4 strand fiber optic outlets


  • Distributed television (closed circuit or cable) outlets:
    Interior columns – 8 locations
    Perimeter walls at each column line – 27 locations.
  • Microphone jacks:
    Interior columns – 8 locations
    Perimeter walls at each column line – 27 locations.
  • Line level in (for playback, i.e., cassette deck) and line level out (for recording or assistive listening):
    Interior columns – 8 locations
    Perimeter walls at each column line – 27 locations.
  • Speakers/sound system:
    Designated for music and video reinforcement.
  • Recording capability:
    Central recording capability provided in a separate room adjacent to the Exhibit Hall.
  • Paging:
    Individually zoned in each division or the entire Exhibit Hall. Paging through all Public areas and possible at main stations located in the Security Office.

Special Features

  • Oversized doors
    Hall A – 15.6’ tall by 16’ wide overhead coiling door.
    Hall B – 30’ tall by 16’ wide overhead coiling door.
  • Empty conduit system – 6,700 LF Total
    A grid of 4’ empty PVC conduit interconnects all floor boxes (there is one empty conduit intersecting one side of every floor box). The empty conduit can be used to run extra audio visual lines, power, phone lines, plumbing or compressed air, etc., to any point on a 30’ grid within the Exhibit Hall. The empty conduit system is tied to the Main Telephone Room, Loading Dock area, and Exterior Service Yard north of the Exhibit Hall.
  • Rigging capacities
    500 lb. load along any roof joist on 15’ module. Joists are spaced 7.5’ O.C. so there is a 7.5×15’ grid of rigging points throughout the Exhibit Hall. All panel points may be simultaneously loaded as long as the maximum load at any point is not exceeded.
  • Floor load
    Floor is designed for a maximum 350 lbs./sq. ft. live load.
  • Ceiling height
    Minimum ceiling height is 35’ clear at operable wall head. Minimum at clear height below structure at the center of the room between columns is 50’. Minimum clear height below structure at the east and west sides of the room is 37’.

First Floor