The Savannah International Trade & Convention Center is fully committed to employing practices that are ecofriendly, both in our facilities and our services. To us, “Going Green” means a comprehensive plan that covers all catering. From times lighting systems and motion-detecting sinks, to recycling all applicable used materials and implementing an active food donation program, it is our goal to leave the smallest environmental footprint possible. Read below for a list of our current “green” efforts as well as exciting steps we are taking in the future.



  • Facility Building Management System controls HVAC and public space lighting maximizing energy savings and conservation.
  • Usage of plate frame heat exchanger conserves energy and negates large tonnage chiller usage at cooler outside temperature/humidity levels.
  • Timed lighting system controls allow for lighting to be set at 25% for staff cleaning/set up efforts, 50% during event load-in and out, and 75-100% capacity only during event hours in occupied space.
  • Back of house and administrative offices are regulated by motion sensor lighting systems.
  • Variable frequency drives are installed on all pumps and motors reducing electrical demand on equipment and delivering only the power required to operate.
  • Upgraded Variable Frequency Drive controls on secondary chilled water loop allows for greater efficiency for cooling the facility customized to clients needs.
  • Abundant natural lighting in concourse and public space areas.
  • System of facility blackouts (hard facility shutdowns, no staff present, all equipment powered down) and brownouts (domestic power on but all nonessential equipment powered down).
  • 34% reduction in total kilowatt hours for the facility year over year from the period of CY 2008 to CY 2009, a reduction of 2.2 million kilowatt hours.
  • We have added “Big Ass Fans” throughout the concourses and exhibit halls reducing heating and cooling costs.
  • Added monitoring systems to coolers and freezers and substations to check performance and track energy usage.


  • Hepa filters in vacuums used by housekeeping and operations departments.
  • Premium pleated filters used on all facility air handlers.
  • Building Management System regulates air quality in facility and performs carbon dioxide check and reporting.
  • 1/2 of all daily facility exterior security rounds are done in the form of bicycle or walking patrols in lieu of vehicular travel.
  •  We have added live plants to the building.


  • We have added an herb garden on the second floor.


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